Monday, March 27, 2006

MOTB Dress Hunting Blues

~ harmonica riff~

Got them low-down dirty Mother-of-the-Bride
Dress hunting blues.
We-e-ll, I've got them dowdy makes you look older
Than a dusty West Texas boulder
Mother-of-the-Bride dress hunting blues.

Yes, Lord, when you can't find a dress at Nordstrom's
All you can do is buy you some shoes.

Well you know I've looked online for hours
And nothing can I find
Yes you know it would be easier
If I had something in mind!

You know I've got them low-down dirty Mother-of-the-Bride
Dress hunting blues.
W-w-woe! Lord have mercy!
Short or long or in-between? It must go with navy blue.
All I've seen is brown and black and that just wouldn't do.

Got them low-down dirty Mother-of-the-Bride
Dress hunting blues.
Oh, Lord, if you were me,
You know that you would too.

~harmonica riff~


cats said...

my mother-in-law actaully wore a bridesmaid's dress for my wedding and looked fantastic in it! it was powder blue with a slit up to her thigh that still embarrasses hubby when we mention it.

reverendmother said...

You are hilarious.

And you will be radiant.

net said...

How about adding another moniker to your incredible list of gifts - SONGWRITER! Love it!

And I echo reverendmother: You will look marvelous!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

~snorts diet coke at the harmonica riff~

You are such a nut! I am not hunting yet....I have until next February. I know me....I will not be the same size by then!

rev dave said...

I'm sure, at times like this, that an elopement looks mighty attractive!

(one of these days I'm going to write the expose' on the wedding industry, which seems designed to make everyone involved feel inadequate unless you spend a dump truck full of money.)


Teri said...

what's wrong with the dress in the picture? Where is that? I want it! :-)

SpookyRach said...

So, I guess this means no to the boots, jeans and a Virginia Slims t-shirt idea, huh?

Loved your song! I bet you'll look great! (You're SURE you don't want to just wear jeans and be done with it?)

St. Casserole said...

So funny!

Rev Dr Mom said...

Oh, me too, me too. Wedding is June 24 and I have no clue as to what I am going to wear!

Girl said...

My mom and I have spent HOURS looking for something for her. There is no happy medium between slutty and dowdy out there. I actually had a breakdown in what was supposed to be the 'top Nordstroms to find something in' since it is flagship store. I started speaking loudly to the attendant that I couldn't possibly be the ONLY bride who needed a dress for her mother. After about 20 seconds, the lady sheepishly said 'Congratulations' and walked away.

Not my finest moment.