Tuesday, May 15, 2007

On The Road Again For Presbytery

I'm hitting the road again in my role as Mom (oops, make that Moderator) Elect of Presbytery. We're meeting up the road in Livingston at Camp Cho-Yeh. Leaving tomorrow morning would add an hour to the already 2 hour drive because I'd find myself in the midst of the commuter traffic until clearing Houston. So El Jefe persuaded me to drive tonight after traffic clears and stay in a nearby hotel rather than stress about getting up there by dawn's early light. Of course that way I won't be rousing him earlier than usual....either.

One of the items on the agenda is a report written by El Jefe that recommends major organizational and legal changes in the relationship between presbytery and Cho-Yeh. Unfortunately he can't spend the day up there so his co-chair will present it and he's prepped me to answer questions. Now I'm looking for that lawyer hat to pack in the suitcase. Hope it goes with the camp outfit.

Presbytery made the 2007 payment to GA that was authorized by the Repayment Task Force to reimburse the special offerings monies that weren't passed on, so that's good news. The finance folks are struggling mightily with the 2007-2008 budget plans now that we know what funds we really have available. That's not such good news, but its an inevitable consequence of the fact that for several years the previous business administrator was diverting special offerings to our operating budget instead of passing them on to GA.

Time to go. Where's the sunscreen?


Stushie said...

Momderator sounds quite good...

Shawn said...

Hope the meeting goes well! It's Carrie's turn to go this time. One of the downsides (benefits?) of being a clergy couple is that when the meeting is far away one of us has to stay to get Ben from childcare.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Hopefully your hotel will have a lovely spa, with massages and maybe a sauna. Just sayin' with all that driving and all.

Blessings on your report presentation. Just remember to make it sound re-active rather than pro-active, 'cause you know how Presbyterians can't move very fast without 3 years of committee planning ;)

Go get 'em Momderator/!! (yeah, that does work)

Purechristianithink said...

What's the history of the name Cho-Yeh? I've heard of it before and it always sounded more like a Chinese Restaurant than a Presbyterian Retreat Center.

Quotidian Grace said...


It's a native American name. Cho-Yeh comes from the Alabama-Coushatta Indian language which means “place where tall pines grow." The Alabama-Coushatta Reservation is near Livingston where the camp is.

Quotidian Grace said...


Hope Carrie enjoyed the drive! Sometimes that is a nice change of pace for a working mom.

Hope to see you both in August.