Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pipe Organ Praise Music ?

Toby Brown, over at A Classical Presbyterian, has an interesting post and comments about pipe organs and contemporary worship music.

What a great question! Pipe organs are capable of all kinds of cool musical effects. Of course, they are very hard to play and it takes skill and experience to coax these sounds out of them.

I'm not aware that anyone has ever tried to do this. But if they did, the result could really be awesome!


Cathy said...

Too often pipe organs get a bad rap (uh-- that was close to a pun) -- let's hear it for the organ! I have heard some really cool sounds come from the instrument.

Gannet Girl said...

I saw his post and got a chuckle out of the comment question about who listens to organ music in the car. I had just read an article where Rick Warren had said that he discovered as he roamed the neighborhood prior to starting his church that he couldn't find anyone who did.

Well, I do! I listen to Great Big Sea and to rock and roll and to Celtic stuff and to Vivaldi and to the great organs and choirs of Europe -- all usually on the same CD stack in the car.

It's a shame that we are letting a generation grow up without adequate education in traditional sacred music. (Not that your father didn't do all he could to reverse the trend.) The more I read about this, the more fortunate I feel always to have been the listening beneficiary of highly skilled organists who are able to translate virtually any kind of music for their instrument. And the same for the younger generations in the churches I have attended -- they just don't know yet how lucky they are.

Presbyterian Gal said...

I'll bet that, at my church, there are more than just me who would love losing the ear deafening electric guitars, drums, keyboards and off pitch singers at the praise service for some righteous praise organ music. Especially if they played songs we could actually sing.