Wednesday, May 02, 2007

When Faith and Science Mix

The Prince of Darkness has recovered from his nasty lunchtime accident, and invited El Jefe and me to a fundraising dinner for Houston's Open Door Mission last night. He is a trustee of the Open Door Mission and has been an active supporter for many years.
I'd heard of this mission before, but didn't know that much about it. The staff has developed a biofeedback technique that has a significantly lower relapse rate than other methods. Researchers for the Journal of Neurotherapy concluded that this method combined with Open Door's "faith based programs is effective in the treatment of crack-cocaine addiction."

That's pretty exciting. It doesn't surprise me that a group in Houston, renowned for its suberb medical facilities and research, developed this combination of high-tech science and faith and apply it to the problem of drug/alcohol addiction and homelessness.

Who says faith and science don't mix?

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