Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Presbytery Post-Partum

I'm back with a quick review of today's meeting.

We had worship in the morning and the pastor who presided over communion MIMED the words of institution. I know what you're thinking--no he didn't wear a mime outfit or makeup! He did explain before he did it that his idea was that most of those present had heard these words so often that seeing them acted out would make it more meaningful. It was different, I'll say that. I had a hard time getting into the spirit of it because in my mind I kept hearing the snarky remarks and seeing the eye-rolling that would have ensued if my daughters were present. ~sigh~

The Cho-Yeh report recommendations passed by a large margin after discussion at the presbytery meeting. Now El Jefe will help the board file all those legal papers!

A pastor friend who is leaving the presbytery for a call in California wished me well next year and then added he hoped I'd have some money in the budget next year. Me too. There was wailing and gnashing of teeth and a serious Come To Jesus discussion on this subject at the meeting. We have until the August meeting to raise more revenue or be faced with more budget cuts. My wacky Youth Minister buddy wisecracked during a presentation that our email was "www.pbyofnewcovenantwehavenomoney.com." Sometimes you just have to laugh, too.

Stushie and PresbyGal suggest my title should be MOMDERATOR. I like it!


Gannet Girl said...

I guess you need to be glad that this year the creativity is in the communion and not in the spending.

Quotidian Grace said...

Ha-Ha!! So true, GG.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Just having a hard time wrapping my mind around what "This is my blood, shed for you" looked like.

Mark Smith said...


The church camp that I volunteer with/support with donations/enjoy is owned by the 7 presbyteries of the state (those having constituted a Synod at one point in the past). The camp is in shaky financial shape, mainly due to a drop in camp interest amongst kids today and a lack of financial support from the also-financially-strapped presbyteries (and local churches), plus some debt from a recent building.

I've heard murmurings in the past about the camp breaking free of the mostly-invasive presbytery oversight. I think they're chafing a bit at control from the presbyteries that doesn't have money coming along with it.

This might be a good model.

Another question - does this camp have any formal alumni association? Is there a way for former campers and staff to assist the camp in a formal way?

Quotidian Grace said...


Here's a brief outline of the new arrangements between presbytery and the camp:

1. The camp is an independent 501(c)(3)
2. The camp agreed that its board of directors would have a majority of its members also be members of the PCUSA (instead of presbytery appointing them).
3. The camp agreed that if camp ceased to operate that the land would become the property of the presbytery.
4. The presbytery agreed to transfer its interest in the camp real estate to the non-profit corporation.
5. The camp corporation agreed not to amend its by-laws re: membership of directors in PCUSA.

The presbytery couldn't support the camp either without outside fundraising. This will enable the camp to undertake a major capital campaign now.

I'm not aware of a formal alumni association of this camp. There are camp alums on the board, though.