Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Modern Pilgrims' Progress

Years ago--just about 6 months after the birth of Babs to be precise--I had emergency surgery to take out my gall bladder. The surgeon was a young personable guy from South Africa. A few years later El Jefe went under his knife for the same reason. Dr. Bob Davis is a memorable character, but nonetheless I was startled to see him on TLC as the star of a new reality show Big Medicine.

"Big D" and his son, Garth, are now partners in medical practice, specializing in bariatric surgery. I have no idea how they came to have their own show, but I'm now a faithful fan. Seeing familiar faces and places around Houston is part of the appeal of the show for me, but I find universal themes in Big Medicine as well.

There's something fascinating to me about the journeys of their patients as they struggle to renew and redeem not just their bodies from obesity, but their minds and souls from the crippling emotions and habits that brought them to that place. It seems to me Big Medicine is a Pilgrim's Progress for our time as the stories of the doctors and the patients illustrate many of the spiritual struggles we encounter our lives. Temptations, sin, self-discipline, the need for community support, and appeals for grace and mercy are familiar to all of us as we strive to transform ourselves and become the people God intends. It's not just about the weight.

El Jefe can't abide medical shows of any kind, so his curiosity about what Big D was up to these days was quickly satisfied by a brief look at the screen. But Babs joins me every Monday night to catch up with Big Medicine since she is interested in the psychological aspects of the show.

As a bonus, it reminds me to keep my own head out of the feed bag.


Mary Beth said...

I have not seen this but will check it out. I love your analogy.

It is DEFINITELY not about the weight. Remember that old book, "The Fat is in Your Head"?

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I have never seen that!

cheesehead said...

I LOVE this Show! I've been trying to place Big D's accent for weeks.

South Africa! Of course!

Jan said...

Interesting. Thanks.

BigMedicine said...

Premieres January 9th 10pm EST/10pm PST/9pm CST

TLC’s hit show is back for its second season! Big Medicine returns with bigger and better stories than ever as individuals undertake drastic measures to take a bite out of their obesity. From a previously 1000lb man looking to take his first step in 7 years, to a devastated mother looking to complete her weight loss transformation after losing her daughter to suicide, the stories captivate, and inspire. We’ll see how obesity affects people’s sex lives, relationships and changes marriages forever. Tears will be shed, smiles will be shared, and hope will be instilled as Big Medicine proves there is light at the end of everyone’s tunnel!