Thursday, October 04, 2007

4 Things Meme

Gannet Girl took a break from her seminary studies long enough to tag me for the 4 Things Meme that's going around the web. So, GG, here's an excuse to take another break, drop by and comment!

Four Jobs I’ve Held:

Hospital Admissions Clerk

Assistant District Attorney
Associate General Counsel of a corporation
Director of Christian Education

Four Films I Could Watch Over and Over:

Elizabeth R
Robin Hood: Men In Tights
Troop Beverly Hills
Pride and Prejudice

Four TV Shows I Watch:

What Not To Wear
Project Runway
Top Chef
Barefoot Contessa
and I'm embarrassed to admit I watch LA and Miami Ink with Babs

Four Places I’ve Lived:

San Antonio, Texas
Austin, Texas (law school)
Ithaca, New York (college)
Houston, Texas

Four Favorite Foods:

Anything Mexican

Four Websites I Visit Daily

All the blogs on my Google Reader

Four Favorite Colors

Deep Oriental Blue

Four Places I Would Love to be Right Now

Texas Hill Country
Rocky Mountains

Four Names You Love, But Could/Would Not Use for Your Children:

Claudia (the feminine version of El Jefe's never used real first name)
William (didn't have a boy)
Trevor (see above)
Christine (too many versions of this name in the family by the time I had my girls)

Tag Four Bloggers:
Toby Brown (Classical Presbyterian), Rev Dave, Rev Kim and double tag on Mark (Mark Time).

Hope you enjoyed this post, GG. Now....back to the library!


Gannet Girl said...

Oh, I love Elizabeth R, too. And P&P, which I should have thought of from Law and Gospel's list. DD and I really enjoyed the Jane Austen movie this past summer.

So what's with all these attorneys morphing from and into other things?

Presbyterian Gal said...

I also enjoy Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa. I've used some of her recipes and now I know how to correctly peel and segment an orange.

GG: I find morphig attorneys a very Biblical thing. As in going from the Old Testament to th New.....

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I would have loved to have gone to Court with you!!

I would have never thought I would see Troop Beverly Hills on your list.

Rev Dave said...


word verification: bi gum

So, I played, bi gum!