Sunday, March 09, 2008

Double the Fun or Double Trouble?

For the past few weekends Beatrice has been enjoying visits from PuppyPal and HalfSister Olivia who lives with Portia and DK. In fact, last week Olivia (and Portia) spent the week with us while DK was out of town on business.

We noticed that Beatrice missed Olivia, and seemed to go around the house looking for her. At night she was more clingly than usual, too.

So we got to thinking that maybe it would be good to get another dachsie to be a companion for Beatrice.

On the one hand, with Babs moving out soon, Beatrice who is still just a puppy and lively, will be stuck with two older folks who can be out of the house a lot. We'd feel better about leaving her if she wasn't alone. Olivia and Beatrice entertain each other and wear each other out. And they're so cute doing it!

On the other hand, Beatrice is just getting trained and knows what we expect. Starting over with a new dog is not an appealing prospect in the short run. In the long run, however, it could be worth it, but when Olivia comes to visit then there would be 3 dogs. Will that be crazy-making?

El Jefe isn't convinced and I'm not sure about it either. We'd like a young dog, but not a puppy, but we don't think we would be good with a rescue dog for a lot of reasons. I've been watching the website of the Dachshund Ranch where we got Beatrice because occasionally they have one or two year old dogs for adoption.

Any advice on what to consider in making this decision or choosing a second dachsie who would get along with Beatrice would be appreciated.


Preacher Mom said...

You better not ask me. My motto is "there's always room for one more" - which is why I have 4 cats, 3 kids, 2 dogs, and a fish! (And no sanity?? lol)

Gannet Girl said...

Me too. (On the always room for one more.)

If you get a 1 or 2yo, aim for one who's trained. Yes, you say, obviously. Well, our Tipper had been abused rather than trained when we got her at one, and 11 years later she doesn't really have the "go outside" thing down. If you are gone a lot, it can be very frustrating (in our case frustrating for dh, since I am now the one gone A LOT).

OTH, when she came tearing down the kennel toward me when I picked her up after vacation this am, her tail practically spiralling 90 mph in delight, it was kind of worth it!

Cathy said...

I vote yes to getting a companion for Beatrice. I think dogs like having another dog around. And those dogs ae mighty cute!

Presbyterian Gal said...

The Lord'll know what to send you when you ask him! Just like with Beatrice.

Elaine said...

I've never had dauchshund, but my older dogs have always helped explain the training rules to the newcomers. Of course, my ancient one is a Poodle; and they are always a bit different in the authority figure category.

Two is way more fun than one, and 3 will be an occasional hoot.

Go for it.

Norman, OK

Kathryn said...

Mmn....I agree that 2 dogs are always happier than one alone, but would also caution you against getting an older dog unless you are very sure of its training. Dillon the Evil Jack Russell came into our lives aged 3, following the sad demise of Maisie (Best Dog Ever), because Mufti was clearly lonely. 4 years on, though he has undoubtedly kept her from being bored he has driven us all absolutely potty since he seems to be practically untrainable, barks persistently for any reason and none...and has generally pushed me closer to the edge than is worth much so that he's on the adoption list at our local shelter, in the hopes that someone whose at home more can give him the attention he craves.
So...beware! That said, LCM's niece and husband have 3 dachsies AND 2 small children, and it all seems happy. Go for it!

Mary Beth said...

2 is better than 1.

We know this. We have fun!together. Even if Josie used to try to sit on me when I was brand new here.

Ha! Ha! I showed her! I got WAY BIGGER!

But she is still the boss.

2 is better. My mom and dad say so, too. It is keeping Josie "young" whatever that is.

--Boudreaux (and Josie), the Two Good Dogs

Rev Kim said...

I vote "yes" to getting Beatrice a little brother or sister. I think the companionship is always a good thing - of course, that's my main argument with Dave for getting a puppy, that Newman would have company!

Seriously, getting another puppy might not be as much work as you think, or as much work as it was with Beatrice. With the dogs that I grew up with, we noticed that it was much easier to train the second puppy because he or she watched the first dog. They learned pretty quickly the routine for pottying outside, and that if first dog sat and got a treat, they would too.

It also seems that the dog who is there first will be the one in charge in the canine relationship. My first dog was a dachshund, and when we got a doberman (long story) the 20-lb dachsie ruled the 90 lb. dobie. It was hilarious.

Can't wait to hear what you decide. And that picture is too cute!

zorra said...

My only experience with managing two dogs was having two cattle dogs (aka When Worlds Collide), which may not be applicable here. Dachshunds can be bossy, but I think they might be a little better than ACDs at quickly deciding who's going to be top dog, and living with it. Some advice that has always made sense to me is to introduce the two dogs on neutral territory, such as a park. But Beatrice seems so well-adjusted, if the newcomer was also a well-adjusted dog they would probably work the whole thing out pretty quickly.

Recovering Baptist said...

How about a kitten to keep her company? Cats need no training and can easily eacape if play get rough. My experience of 2 dogs was everything is fine until they fight!

We had a dog and cat and they were buddies.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I have no advise but lawsy they are adorable in that pic!!

Quotidian Grace said...

Wonderful, helpful comments, everyone!

RB--unfortunately El Jefe, Portia and Babs are all highly allergic to cats.

LutheranChik said...

Just an anecdotal observation about a rescue dog: Our rescue puppy is doing remarkably well considering the miserable conditions in which we found her. I think it's due partly to her innate intelligence -- she's a smart li'l girl; partly to the resiliency of youth; partly to her age (5 months, as opposed to, say, 5 weeks); and partly to the influence of her big dog sister Cassie, whom she adores and whom she imitates constantly.

Purechristianithink said...

Might I just put in my plug for ONE PET HOUSEHOLDS!!!

Elizabeth the Cat
(Who was perfectly happy until Balrog the Kitten arrived.)

Anonymous said...

My doggie imput is DO IT! :o)
Our former stray(about 7 mos. when we found him) Spikie now around 7 yrs. got a rescue terrier buddy who is Spikie like named Jackson who is about 5 now. The "dog boys" bonded beautifully. We have had them both together for about three years. If Spikie goes somewhere with "Dad", Jackson is Mr. Mopey. A third dog friend comes to visit periodically named Petie and they have a great time on their "play date". My schedule and my husband Steve's are pretty crazy but we find the time. I is a sickness. LOL

QG....I will bring photos to choir rehearsal to flaunt provided you are healed enough to be back in the saddle. We have missed you!

Christine R.

Mrs. M said...

Mr. M and I have found when we got married that each of our cats became SO MUCH happier when they were no longer only pets. Don't know that it would be the same for dogs, but it seems like a reasonable assumption.

DannyG said...

We've had mostly cats, but they always do better in multiples rather than as a single. We got our current dog about 2 yrs before our senior dog passed away. They were very good together, with the young dog being the "seeing eye dog" for the old hound. Plus, the older dog did teach the younger dog the ropes, you may not have to do as much training.