Sunday, July 06, 2008

Beatrice Blogs: My 4th of July

WOOF! Beatrice here. While Mom is cleaning up in the kitchen after Portia, DK and Babs came for dinner tonight, I thought I'd tell you about my adventures this 4th of July weekend.

We all went down to Port Alto. Olivia came with us because Portia and DK were visiting his parents for the weekend. We had a great time! SIL's bulldog Duchess was there for us to pester. Plus there were lots of other dogs since it was a big holiday. Olivia took out after a boxer and was the worse for it, so every time I saw that dog I'd give it what for.

Friday afternoon there were a bunch of little boys playing baseball with their dads. They had these great plastic balls with holes that I could really get my teeth into! The dad who was pitching let me play shortstop. That was really fun. The dad said he was afraid I'd be too short to make the big K9 League, but what does he know?

I'm as patriotic as the next dachshund, but let me tell you that the fireworks were way too loud for me and Olivia. We got really upset so QG and El Jefe had to sit with us in the bedroom with the windows closed and the TV on to distract us. When they heard there would be even more fireworks on the next evening, they decided to take us home.

Thank you! We had a nice nap in the car and have been recovering from running around, sniffing, taking boat rides, being petted by toddlers and generally adored by all the grown-ups.

Olivia just went home, so I'm ready for a nice evening nap now. Whew! It's hard being a dog sometimes.

Love, Beatrice


Molly said...

Dear Beatrice,
You are a very good reporter!
I do not like
But I do like parades!! We went to the parade in front of my Mama's church, and that was fun.
I'm glad you had a Happy 4th of July!
Your friend,

zorra said...

Hi Beatrice,

It sounds like you had a great weekend! Except for the fireworks, that is. I am so glad those are over. But they aren't as bad as thunder. I'm glad you and Olivia got to play with your friends.


Gannet Girl said...

Dear Beatrice,

Fireworks are not so bad. You'll get used to them. Thunder is another story. Gannet had to sleep on the couch with me the other night so I could jam myself into a corner behind her and feel secure. I don't understand how she can just fall asleep in the middle of a storm. You would think, obsessed as she is with WICKED, that she would understand the potential dangers. I mean, a house could fall on her and believe me, her Tevas don't hold a candle to those ruby slippers.

Toto -- oops, I mean Tipper

Presbyterian Gal said...

Dear Beatrice,
I understand about the fireworks. Always Talking Lady's Mom's cat, Ah Poo, got very upset Saturday with the Rose Bowl fireworks.
Otherwise it sounds like you had a fabulous weekend! And I think you'd make a fine K-9 dog.

Cally, the Main Cat
(who got in trouble today for leaving a "message" in the den)

Anonymous said...

Beatrice -
Love your red hair!! We bark at all of the fireworks we hear - we were definately louder than the fireworks!!
Genevieve & Johann (the IncrediDogs!)