Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Project Peepway

Babs, Portia, St. Betty, and I are all primed for the new season of our guilty TV pleasure--Project Runway-- which begins tomorrow. Here is the Peeps version:


cheesehead said...

LOL! LOVE it! PR is not a guilty pleasure so much in our household as a peek at the future. With a budding designer in the house, we HAVE to watch!

We also refer to the show as "The Series In Which Ulie Was Robbed." We are still not quite over that.

(They left out our two favorite "Tim-isms": "Where's Andre?" and "That's a lot of look")

SpookyRach said...

Is there anything Peeps CAN'T do?

Presbyterian Gal said...

It's refreshing to see Peeps bringing modesty back to high fashion!


ROBERTA said...

that was "fierce" but some of those outfits were quite the "hot tranny mess"!!!!

can hardly wait for the start of the best reality show on TV!

Reformed Catholic said...

Funny ... and a great satire.

It must have taken a few days to animate that 4 minute clip.

Not to mention prep time for the costumes.

What creativity.

Anonymous said...

Hi QG,
This is great. I have had the pleasure of meeting Tim Gunn, who got me fitted in jeans I don't have to hem, handwash or pay a kings ransom for. We have e-mailed several times since then. He is someone when you meet him you feel like you have known forever. He is an absolute down to earth doll. I am also a regular customer at Chloes Lot 8 store and tell her how proud & happy we are that she has stayed in Houston. I met her sweet Mom the other day and she is so proud of Chloe even though she didn't want Chloe to go into that line of work. Chloe is is a real as they come as well. Chloe's Lot 8 will be celebrating it 8th anniversary this year. She is going to do a fashion show and a number of designers from her season are flying in. I do know Daniel will be there. Google Lot 8 and all the info is there. It is open to the public. It wil be August 8th. This season will have designer Jerell Scott on board who was born in Houston but moved to and raised in LA. That is as close as we come this time.

QG, I didn't know this was your guilty pleasure becaue I met Tim Gunn after our choir retreat back in October and hung out with him all afternoon. I would have drug you along. LOL

You are still greatly missed in choir.

Christine R.

Quotidian Grace said...

OMG! Tim GUNN! That's what I get for missing choir practice. Dang.

My daughter Babs is a big fan of Chloe's so I will pass on the information about the Lot 8 anniversary celebration.

I miss y'all too, but I'm Moderating too often on Sundays to keep up with choir right now. This month I have to spend 3 Sundays in a row at other churches.

But...it will all be over with by January for sure and I'll be back.