Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Beatrice Blogs: Olivia 1, Snakes 0, Crabs O


The last couple of days Olivia and I have been down at the bay house. Olivia is finally learning to hunt!

Yesterday she tracked down a sand crab and dispatched it.

Then she sniffed out a small garter snake and whipped it around just like I showed her! When the snake was dead, she took it to the edge of the water and dropped it in. I told her not to eat the thing and she didn't.

We're all very proud.


Love, Beatrice


DogBlogger said...

You mean she didn't roll all over the snake first to get the good smell on her? That's what I do.
The Boy

Anonymous said...

Dachsies are lion-hearted and relentless while on the hunt...Beatrice and Olivia are just doin' what comes quite naturally to them...

dogblog: Agree w/The Boy. Our beagle, Skip, would have followed the 'hunt, kill, drop and roll' rule and come into the house reeking of 'eau du snake'...


Anonymous said...

Beatrice -
You must be an excellent teacher!! Olivia is catching on quick!

Rev Kim said...

Can I come a-huntin' with you sometime? I agree with The Boy - rolling around in it is great fun. 'specially if it's a deer carcass

Newman the Catahoula

Anonymous said...

Dear Beatrice and Olivia,

I am very impressed with such great hunting skills!

If you come to my house, I will teach you how to get a bird! I am so good at it. I got two just this week. Though Indoor Mama says I should stick with the rats and mice.


Presbyterian Gal's Outdoor Cat
(blogging on a break from work)

Fergus Carrick said...

Poor little garter snake . . . quietly minding it's own business before being set upon by rough 4-legged monsters.

seethroughfaith said...

wish you'd both come to see us in Finland and show us those tricks ...

woof woof
Mindy and Misty in Fabulous Finland

SpookyRach said...

Good dog! Good dog!

St. Casserole said...

Good looking doggies!