Thursday, July 31, 2008

PresbyBloggers Re-Inventing Themselves

The Presbyterian Bloggers webring is re-inventing itself!

A group of the bloggers have been working to set up weekly features for the ring website and hope to encourage broader participation and develop a sense of community. Our new Moderator, Rev. Bruce Reyes-Chow has agreed to participate in a monthly "Ask The Moderator" post. Thanks, Bruce!

I've agreed to co-host the weekly Thursday feature we're calling "Read and Learn". Plans are to set up an online book club (similar to the one at the RevGals) and offer book, movie, TV, and magazine article reviews as well as suggestions for adult study groups. Contributions and suggestions from fellow PresbyBloggers will be most welcome.

Here's the rest of the proposed schedule, which is still a work in progress and subject to change:

Weekly Devotion

Member Blog Meet & Greet

Personal Faith Experiences

Joyful News on Ministry

Read and Learn

1st: Ask Moderator Rev. Bruce Reyes-Chow
2nd: Ask the Experienced Pastor
3rd: Ask the Elder Elder
4th: Get to Know Meme

Chewing on the Word: Lectionary Ruminations



Anonymous said...

Gives new meaning to 'reformed and always reforming'...:)


Mary M said...

one more force in the universe is nudging me toward the need to blog - and not just to lurk/post on others....

Quotidian Grace said...

Absolutely! We'll talk about it Monday at lunch. You are the perfect person to help us with Read and Learn!!!!

Reformed Catholic said...

Interesting, since I just signed up for Presbyterian Bloggers!!

ElastiGirl said...

good job making it all user-friendly & interactive

Rev Kim said...

Thanks to your post, I just signed-up! I noticed on my blog that the link for Presbyterian Bloggers and the "Powered by Ringsurf" part is there, but the other content in your box for "Presbyterian Bloggers" isn't there - the join, list, etc. links. Will that show up later?

Becky Ardell Downs said...

In connection with the friday offerings, I'd love to see a "ask the younger elder","ask the average Presbyterian youth", or even "ask the non-Christian" just to get some reflections on how we're doing from an out-of-group perspective. Oooh-- we could do like "ask an ultra-conservative Presby" or "ask a way liberal Presby"!! That could get interesting. Seriously, as a way for us to hear each other a bit better in a non-confrontational way.

Quotidian Grace said...


I'm not privy to the technical stuff so I can't answer your question. Email PCUSABloggers at gmail dot com with your question. Glad you were "nudged" to join". How about Rev. Dave?

Great suggestions! Thank you. I will pass them along.

Ask the "elder elder" was meant to be like the RevGals "ask the Matriarch" feature but a place where newish elders could ask questions of the more experienced, whatever their age. Don't know if that's going to work, but we'll see!

little david said...

Dang! That is very organized! As you can tell, my blogging is WAY too sporadic for something like that.

I am sorry for the loss of Dutch and hope that El Jefe is able to sort out and express his feelings. Sometimes that is tough for guys.

Hey, I scored 81% on the Dixie quiz and I wasn't even trying! (OK, I admitted to using "y'all.")

We just returned from our fifth trip to Kenya. It was full of new experiences about which I am beginning to blog, if you are interested.

Reformed Catholic said...

On the 'next/prev/etc'. They've chaneged RingSurf so that you don't get those prompts any longer.

What happens now when you click on those links is bring you to the blog list, then you can select who you want to visit.

The system then displays the site, but at the top you now have a navigation frame which gives you the next/previous link.

So, in fact, QG can clean up those links to just the name of the ring, and the 'powered by' line.

Quotidian Grace said...

I'm not an administrator on the blog, just a contributor, so I don't have anything to do with the site re-design from a technical point of view.

My understanding from the administrators is that the blog was never transferred to new blogger and when that was done some glitches appeared which are being worked on.

They hope to have it all sorted out within a week or so.