Monday, April 06, 2009

A Bookish "Nudge"

El Jefe and I are getting ready in earnest for our move. We spent Saturday going through 5 large bookshelves in our family room upstairs, filling 10 Whole Foods tote bags full of books to give away in the process.

Actually, we didn't quite finish because we ran out of bags! And yes, we are keeping as many to move to the new house as we chose for the discard pile.

I just didn't have the patience to drag them to Half Price books and wait and wait and wait for an offer. Also, my experience is the more books you try to sell them at once, the lower the offer.

So my intention was to take them to the local church-sponsored Thrift Shop. But when I saw how many there were and that they are all in great condition, I hesitated.

That's when I felt that holy nudge again. Wouldn't it be great to donate them to the neighborhood library branch that just recently re-opened after being closed several months to repair Hurricane Ike damage?

I called the library. No answer. I called again and the woman who answered told me not only would they love to have the books, but today the library was having a book sale to raise money to help pay for the repairs on the building. Would I please hurry over with the donation?

When we got there, two high school boys helped load the books on a couple of carts. Both of them commented that the books were really great.

Then one of them spotted a copy of C. S. Lewis' Mere Christianity (don't worry I have another copy at home!) and said, "Wow! C.S. Lewis! He's really a wonderful writer. What a great book!"

~cue theology of nudgment music~


Viola Larson said...

You scared me for a minute. I thought you were giving away your only copy. Lucky library. I love that "theology of nudgment."

Averill said...

I'm proud of you Moomie! What a great cause to support.

mid-life rookie said...

Cool nudgings and repsondings.