Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Party and Taxes

BFF Dorothy sent me this photo from today's Sugar Land Tea Party. I would SO have been there with her if not for the recuperation. Dang.

In principle, I am happy to pay taxes to the federal government. In practice, El Jefe and I filed our 120 page horrendously complicated tax return today.

This is so wrong on so many levels. The tax code is insane and as are the spending and bailouts of the past couple of years. Both the previous and the current administrations and Congress are to blame.

The accountants provided a helpful two page summary of this magnum opus. I noted that our Domestic Production Activities deduction increased 50% over last year. Pray tell, what does that mean? Did I cook 50 % more? Buy 50% more stuff for the house? What?

It is in fact time for change.

P.S. I am feeling better this evening. Many thanks for the prayers, good wishes and to John Edward Harris for the "cyber anointing"!


Anonymous said...

Tea Party veterans, keep speaking out! We need to continue getting the message out!

Rev Kim said...

The closest Tea Party to me was 80 miles away, and with it snowing I didn't want to brave it. But I would've been there if I could.

I agree with you wholeheartedly, esp. this being the fault of both the previous & current administration.

Glad you are feeling better!

Jane Ellen+ said...

Gee, our return was a measly 62 pages. I feel like a slacker-- does this mean I'm only entitled to grouse half as much?

Either way, it's a ridiculous mess of a system.

John Edward Harris said...

You are welcome for the cyber-anointing. I was up till 2:00 AM working on our taxes (yes, I am a procrastinator when it comes to taxes). Our federal taxes, for a clergy couple, were only twelve pages or so, but that is about eight to ten pages too many. Like you, I do not mind paying taxes, no Reformed Christian should. But I do detest the paper work.

Tor Hershman said...

Yes, the tax code is insane as is the rest of our human CULTure.