Monday, April 20, 2009

10 Things To Toss--HT to Jan Edmiston

I loved Jan Edmiston's post at A Church for Starving Artists today: 10 Things to Toss.

Since I'm in the process of tossing the accumulated detrius of 20 years in the same house with a growing family, I have tossed way more than 10 things! Jan's post was inspired by a feature in the Washington Post about the 10 Things the World Should Toss. She went on to ask what 10 Things (or pick your number) the Church should toss. I'm saving Jan's question about the church for a post on Thursday at PresbyBloggers, so stay tuned.

However, today here is my list of the 10 Things I Tossed in the context of downsizing:

1. Multiple sets of dinnerware
2. Giant pots
3. Table size photo frames (photos saved nicely now digitally, thank you!)
4. All the oriental style "accent" pieces
5. Books that will never be read again--too many to count
6. Mismatched glassware
7. Mismatched place mats
8. Odd size serving pieces
9. Decorative pillows
10. Bedding sets not in use

What have you tossed lately? Didn't it feel good to get rid of it?


Jan said...

Good for you!!

And that's a really good idea!

Presbyterian Gal said...

Over Easter vacay, son and I went through all his toys and stuff. Tossed two huge garbage bags, and had 4 large bags with clothes and toys for a yard sale his youth group organized. The kids raised $200 to give to charity, plus the stuff not sold will go to a shelter.

Sadly, after losing over 30 pounds, I am still the same pants size!!!

Quotidian Grace said...

Oh, PG. The same pants size? How is that possible? That's just not right at all!!1

cheesehead said...

Blue Eyes and I spent Sunday purging the kitchen and laundry room closet, plus he worked hard on the garage.

Someday we hope to downsize...