Thursday, April 30, 2009

BSD Wrapped Up for the Year

Today was our last meeting of our Bible Study Discussion (BSD) groups at church for the year as we completed the Revealing God study. This was the first time the program used a "theme" study instead of a "book" study, and it definitely took some getting used to. The study was based on J.I. Packer's book Knowing God. It was certainly worth it!

It was a tough year, full of distractions for everyone:
  • Hurricane Ike--yikes! The church was closed due to lack of power for a couple of weeks and some people were out of their homes for six to eight weeks before electricity was restored and debris cleared.
  • The financial meltdown that threatened jobs and savings.
  • Powerful thunderstorms that flooded the Houston area this Monday, bringing more water than we saw from Ike. Ten inches fell in a few hours in the area around the church. Many who live near there had their homes flooded.
It took our groups longer than usual to bond with each other because of the early disruptions, but in the fullness of time they did. And just like every year, we all said we had the best group ever!

I'm looking forward to our study next year of 3 letters of Paul--Galatians, Philippians and Romans. I'm a big Paul fan. Being a BSD leader has taken me out of my comfort zone in some ways--all of them good--and helped me grow spiritually. What a blessing!

Blogging will probably be sporadic between now and the day of the big move (May 15). We close on our new house Monday and I'll be in full throwing out, packing and setting up mode.


Presbyterian Gal said...

Blessings on your move!

Sue said...

Keep breathing. Keep packing. Before you know it, you will be in your new home and it will feel as if you've been there forever.

Blessings and peace...