Monday, June 01, 2009

Hurricane Season Haiku

Hurricane season
Bringing angst to weathermen
Which Gulf breeze will bring
The next Ike, Gustav, Rita?

Newspapers, TV
Furnish lots of lists for us
Preparation is the key
You must help yourself

QG and El Jefe
Built a house of stone and brick
No trees around it
A generator behind.

Water in garage
Canned goods in the pantry
Hoping not to open
Any this hurricane season.


Presbyterian Gal said...

Hurricane winds
pass QG by
land only
on Osteens


Cheesehead said...

I was going to say something clever, but then PG made me spit lemonade on my laptop and now I've got nuthin'!


Mary Beth said...

LOL, PG you kill me!

Quotidian Grace said...

It's so great to see PG's humor return!!