Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Furniture Shopping for the Tall

Although the new house is pretty well set up, I am now looking for a few chairs for a couple of rooms.

Since El Jefe and I are both very tall, I am visiting furniture stores and sitting in lots of chairs. Here's what I've discovered: it isn't easy to find chairs that are comfortable for us. Most of the new ones sit very low to the ground and even my altitude-challenged friends find them hard to get out of. Many others have seats or backs that are so short that they hit us in funny places causing numbness or pain. Even the upholstered ones. This leaves me with limited choices in most stores.

This may be a niche market that Portia could exploit someday if she decides to do some interior decorating on the side: Tall Furniture R Us.


ROBERTA said...

that picture is great - just spent a weekend in a travel trailer and i had to bend down to reach everything - being tall is wonderful but it does have its drawbacks! Good luck in your search!

Elaine said...

I'm short, and just spent 5 days in my husband's hospital room. There were 2 chairs. My feet didn't reach the floor in either. I have found that furniture has been getting bigger. Evidently, it is still not being intelligently designed.

Norman, Oklahoma