Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gadget Heaven

I LOVE my IPhone, so I just finished downloading the latest and greatest upgrades to the software. It will take some time to learn all of them (especially voice recognition), but my favorite will doubtless be the landscape version of the keyboard which will make using the virtual buttons so much easier.

I did have trouble getting all my apps to show up after the upgrade, though. Be warned. I fiddled around with ITunes a few times and finally got them to sync up, but I'm not sure how I did it.

Here are my favorite apps:
Quordy (a word game similar to Boggle and just as addicting)
Word Warp (another word game)
Kindle app (you can read any book on your Kindle on the IPhone!!!)
Brushes (an art app--you can create pictures using virtual brushes or touch up photos and then export them to save or print--very addictive)
Around Me (shows you where to find gas, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, etc wherever you are --it interfaces with the IPhone's GPS)
All Recipes (just dial up the type of recipe you are looking for and the ingredients you have on hand and voila!)

I loved EasyWriter, which gave you a landscape virtual keyboard that you could use for emails, but with this upgrade I won't need it anymore.

What are your favorite apps?


Sam said...

I love it, another Gadget Geek! I don't have an iphone yet, but I keep dropping not so subtle hints to my husband. Maybe Christmas?

reverendmother said...

Why oh why did you tempt me with that evil Quordy game?!?!?

[Shaking fist at the heavens]