Wednesday, June 03, 2009

New Home Limericks

There was once a blogger named Grace
Who had just moved to a new place
All was finally working fine
When lawnmen cut the phone/dsl line
Which made her quite red in the face.

Then the repair crew came very late
Of course that would be her fate
Now the yard has unburied wire
Sinking into the wet oozy mire
What a mess the crew did create!


Reformed Catholic said...

OK .. this begs the question, how in the world did the lawn guy clip the wire (which I hope was originally buried) ??

Fergie said...

When i used to teach WebSTuff before the Great Dot BOmb, we talked about server protection... including the INfamous BACKHOE disconnection. That's when the plant next to you digs in to build and takes out your buried cable and your entire server farm goes down.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Just thankin' the good Lord y'all don't live in Nantucket.

Quotidian Grace said...


The lawn guy was putting in mulch when he clipped it. Turns out it was buried about an inch below the surface!

Reformed Catholic said...

An inch?? That was an installer being very lazy, cables should be buried at least 12 inches under (if at all possible). This is to allow the user of any sort of tiller, aerator or dethatcher on the lawn or garden area.

Because of someone's laziness, you got the short end of the stick. FWIW .. I firmly believe that you should get this repair and rebury free of charge.