Monday, August 10, 2009

Beatrice Blogs: A Dog's Life at Dunclutha

WOOF! Beatrice here to tell you what I did on vacation. QG and El Jefe took me down to Dunclutha (their bay house at Port Alto) for a week. Don't I look RELAXED?

Oh, Olivia came, too, because DK and Portia were busy working and getting ready to move next Saturday.

Olivia and I got in lots of naps. In between naps we protected the place by barking fiercely and chasing after every big dog--labs, golden retrievers, and collies--that we saw. They all ran away from us! Well, until Sunday when a pair of labs chased us back. We do love us a ride in the golf cart. It helps us find those big dogs where they live and give them some what for.

QG and El Jefe are SO FUNNY when they try to chase us and stop us from running after them! It's our very favoritist game. That and chewing the weather stripping when QG and El Jefe left us inside to go to town for dinner. I don't know why they made frowny faces when they got back. Wasn't that what it is for?

Now we're back and Olivia went home. QG says she'll soon be living very close and can come play more often. Good! We'll find some big dogs in the neighborhood, I just know it.


Your friend, Beatrice


Rev Kim said...

Dear Beatrice,

Your vacation sounds like so much fun! It's alot of fun when our people chase after us, isn't it? Just some words of wisdom - don't fall for this trick, where they run away from you and then you chase them, and when you catch them then they catch you. I've learned that one the hard way.

Your friends,

Newman & Redford

zorra said...

Dear Beatrice,

I'm glad you had a good vacation! I got to ride in a golf cart when we took our vacation--it was OK, it was like riding in a little pickup truck, so I knew what to do.

My dear departed uncle Simon--a dachshund like you--used to eat the door frame and sill when his mama left him alone in the house. Is that a dachshund thing, or what? Don't worry, your humans will always come back for you!


Averill said...

Thanks for letting me go on vacation with you!

Olivia (aka Sita)

Rev Kim said...

Thought I'd let you know that I made your White Texas Sheet Cake yesterday for a picnic. I topped it with toasted pecans. I hadn't made it before, and it was a hit! I made the chocolate one, too, which is my family's traditional cake for celebrations and such.

Quotidian Grace said...

Thanks, Kim! Nice to know the Texas sheet cakes are becoming a tradition in Wyoming.

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