Thursday, August 20, 2009

MOB Redux Update: Tour De Dresses

We're about to start wedding gown shopping in Houston.

Portia bought her wedding gown in Austin because she was finishing law school and taking the bar exam there so she didn't need to travel to Houston for fittings. Babs, on the other hand, is here in Houston.

The girls' friends and my SIL and nieces tell us that there are two major shops for this purpose in town, so Babs called to set up an appointment with one of them. Not so fast! It seems that shop is going out of business the end of this month. BUT they are having a great sale on their sample sizes, which (God be praised!) she wears.

We had planned a shopping tour de dresses for Labor Day Weekend, but now we're going to check out the big sale this weekend can we not?

On the other hand, we are all really looking forward to the tour de dresses and Babs has appointments scheduled. So unless Babs is truly wowed Saturday, the tour will go forward.

We have engaged a florist and photographer because they get scheduled months and months in advance.

Other to-do items on the wedding check list are deciding on the cake vendor (the venue where we are doing the reception does food but not wedding cakes) and what kind of musical entertainment Babs and P-Dubya would like at the reception. DJ? Small ensemble? Dancing or not? The reception rooms can accomodate a DJ or 3 piece ensemble and a dance floor. Suggestions welcome.


Presbyterian Gal said...

If you could only get the cake from here:

And there must be dancing!! Yes! An ensemble for the beginning of the reception for the family dances. Then a rockin' DJ for the rest of party!

Good luck on the dress hunt!

Presbyterian Gal said...

Let me re-do that cake link: Charm City Cakes

Mary M said...

Wishes for happy shopping. My b2b is set to activate the wedding website and is finishing addressing save the dates. seems like her major challenge was finding a florist who captured her vision of a) flowers and B) cost, although she is now satisfied and contracted.

Have to say she seems to have matters well in hand. Have fun with the dress gazing and keep us posted!

zorra said...

Such fun!!!

Becky Ardell Downs said...

QG, I've heard good things about Who Made the Cake?, on Shepherd I think. There's some SPC connection, possibly through the school. They're right there in River Oaks.