Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Diva is IN

I just got back from fetching our own Divine Diva Catherine from the airport and, after a bite of lunch, depositing her at Houston Grand Opera for her first rehearsal of the season. We're excited she's here!

Just like Portia and Babs always did after a long sojourn in Yankee Land, she has a hankerin' for some Mexican food tonight. What is it about Mexican food that says "I'm home!" to the displaced Texan?

Can't wait for those margaritas! I'm sure they are very good for the voice. Not to mention the salsa.


Reformed Catholic said...

The same thing that makes me want to hit my childhood pizzeria when I'm back in New Joisey.

The flavors bring back memories of childhood and good times. Its home !!

That said, I picked up my love of Mexican food when I was in Las Vegas for a few years. However, in PloddingTown there aren't many good Mexican places that I'd eat at.

I'm reduced to Chipotle (sigh).

Anonymous said...

it's the gooey melted cheddar with the flavors of salsa and margarita on the side!!