Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Fun: Return of Project Runway

Portia, Babs, Jane Long and I are fast fans of Project Runway and missed it while host and creator Heidi Klum was embroiled in legal disputes with the Bravo network over moving the show to Lifetime. Now the lawsuits are over and we were treated to not one, but three PR shows last night.

The first was a Project Runway Challenge of the All-Stars which pitted several contestants from previous seasons against each other. It was interesting to see how they had evolved their styles, but the show was clearly a warm-up for the new season.

The first episode has been in the can for quite a while awaiting resolution of the legal disputes. The show was also moved from New York to Los Angeles . I think the highlight of the show was when Tim Gunn talked a contestant out of an emotional melt-down, ending with his trademark admonition: Make it Work!

The loser refused to sketch her design and instead contemplated it standing on her head. Then presented an "ensemble" (and I use the word loosely) that in no way fit the challenge to create a dress suitable for a very formal "red carpet" appearance. That was too easy for the judges!

The third show is all about the models for PR. I have no time for that drama and didn't watch it but marveled that Lifetime wants to milk PR for this additional hour. Models are totally at the mercy of the designer they are assigned to -- if he/she loses, they lose. I can't see any reason to watch it, but if you disagree let me know.

Rock on Tim and Heidi! Other PR fans, let's discuss....


Presbyterian Gal said...

I saw my very first PR last night. It was the new episode. And now I am hooked. Amazing what they do in so short a time with only $200!!

I agreed with who was voted off. And I just love Tim Gunn. What a nice man in a mean industry!!

(ps Wonderboy just came and looked at your picture and said you look like Amy Pohler)

Quotidian Grace said...

Amy Pohler? Wow. Got to brush up my Hilary impression...

I thought Endicott should have won. But then I don't like short dresses on the red carpet.

Cheesehead said...

You know I love me some PR! I too marveled at the extended franchise this year, but I'm so danged excited that they are filming at FIDM (which is place I happen to write periodic checks to) even if it is a different campus.

I find it curious that last night's winner has no formal design education. (See above comment about tuition payments.)

Tim Gunn is a very sweet man. I have that on very good authority. WG adores him.

(word veri=criti) Like critique!

Quotidian Grace said...

Lucky WG! Let's hope one of the designers with training wins in the end and validate said tuition.