Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Church-Based Reality TV

A post at Songbird's place today got me thinking about pastors and reality tv shows. There aren't any that I know of. Why not? Wouldn't the church provide as much drama and angst as Last Survivor, Lost, or The Biggest Loser? You know it would.

So, what kind of church/pastor reality show would you like to see on tv?

What about:

Top Evangelist--a soul saving competition for aspiring street evangelists.

Extreme Church Makeover--church consultants compete to remodel both the church building and the congregation. Imprecations and lawsuits fly.

Mission Scramble--a group of missionaries are taken to a remote corner of the globe. The first one to find their way back to the Mission Base WITH a new convert wins a Piper Cub airplane and pilot to expand their missionary efforts.

Homeless Shelter Decor--successful interior designers compete to renovate homeless shelters on a shoestring budget.

Street Savvy Cuisine--prominent chefs develop inexpensive but gourmet meals for church soup kitchens.

What Not To Wear, Thrift Shop Edition--Stacey and Clinton turn their talents to putting together stylish outfits from church Thrift Shops for unemployed people to wear to job interviews.

Bet you have some better ideas! Add them in the comments.


stinuksuk said...

How about Extreme Parsonage Makeover? Bringing the parsonage into the 21st century, getting rid of black moldy basements, updating bathrooms and kitchens, replacing worn through carpeting and wall paper from the '60's?

Mac said...

Name That Hymn. The worship wars come to TV. Rated XXX

Quotidian Grace said...

How about if the show were Name that Hymn or Praise Song? The old fogies have to guess the praise song and the young whippersnappers have to guess the hymn?

Worship wars for sure!!!

Songbird said...

As an Interim, I would propose "Flip That Church." the transitional pastor works with the congregation to get everything ready, evaluating all aspects of the life of the church, from worship to mission to budget to, yes, physical plant.

Reformed Catholic said...

Church on Churches - successful small church pastor goes into churches to fix the errors previous pastors have done trying to modify the culture and discipleship of the congregation.

Almighty Father - show takes a group of male and female seminarians and puts them together in a dorm and tracks their lives together as they learn or unlearn their faith.

Oh wait, that already happens -- nevermind ;)

Alan said...

I love some of your suggestions. If I could find "an angel" I'd head down to SE Portland and pitch these to Trinity Broadcast.

A few comments though. I like the Extreme Parsonage idea although to be authentic you'd have to have a group of older guys in the church doing the work while their wives pick out furniture from among their own homes.

The hymn sing would be good if you did it where you had to name the "tune" not the title of the hymn... That would mess everyone up.

Let me suggest "trading pastors" along with a spin off "trading Sessions". Each of these would take pastors/boards from extremely different congregations and put them in another church for a minium of 5 years.

I want to see Joel Osteen in Rural Nevada and JOhn Ortberg paired up with a rural church in Mississippi. I actually suggest the congregations...

Thanks for the escape from reality Jody.


stinuksuk said...

I liked Alan's idea - Pastor Swap!
So, you think you're pastor's so bad, try another. The city and rural swap would work too.
Lots of possibilities!

Betsy said...

"Are You Smarter Than the Way It's Always Been?" - Clergy and lay people in teams try to outwit the way we've always done it. Outcome is a given, but the process could be interesting to watch!

Anonymous said...

For years, I’ve fanaticized about “The Apprentice: CPE Addition,” where The Donald has to complete a CPE Residency as a regular CPE student at a major metropolitan trauma canter.