Monday, April 19, 2010

MOB Redux: No Birdseed, No Rice, No Sparklers

I've got a bit of a MOB dilemma. When Portia got married the guests at the reception lit sparklers and waved them around as Portia and DK left the reception. That was SO pretty and made some lovely pictures for her album.

Now however I have learned that the place where the reception for Babs and P-Dubya's wedding will take place bans not only rice and birdseed (pretty standard) but also sparklers.

So I've looked on the web for alternative ideas but we're not really thrilled with any of them--water soluable confetti and bubbles seem pretty popular right now but I'm concerned that if its raining the colored confetti could stain Bab's dress and the garments of the guests and bubble soap is bound to spill and make the area slick. Dried flower petals are ok but don't seem worth the trouble.

Portia suggests we don't have to have anything we can just cheer and wave as the happy couple depart--which is true. But I'm wondering if any of my Gentle Readers might have another suggestion???


Mac said...

I'd suggest loosing a couple of white doves, but if any of the guests are like me (doubtful--you have better taste and sense than that), there would be a rush to the parking lot for our shotguns!

Quotidian Grace said...

You wouldn't be alone, Mac. Too many hunters in the crowd. It's Texas after all!!

Mary M said...

Meg and Ross had dried rose petals...the results were lovely. She ordered them from an online provider and they were in the tones of the other flowers. We even used some in the decor. There are a couple of pix near the end of her album...

Presbyterian Gal said...

Rose petals sound lovely!

Or, you could have little flags made that everyone could wave?

Or bread crumbs that the birds could eat?

Or rice paper confetti?

Karen said...

Real rose petals, or the fake ones they sell at Walmart (they look real)--or white confetti--or a combo of both!