Saturday, April 03, 2010

Watercolor Exercise: Mt Fuji at Dawn

I did this exercise in my online watercolor course yesterday. It is called "Mt Fuji at Dawn" and the purpose is to practice painting skies and mountains. I'd finished the sky exercises but found them very difficult. But I must have learned something because I was really pleased with the way this one turned out.

I skipped ahead and watched the first lesson on painting trees in order to complete the painting and that definitely helped me!

All in all, I'm happy to report seeing myself progress with this.


Cathy said...

QG, where are you taking this onine watercolor course? I really like your picture!!! Plus I have a friend who loves to watercolor. She, too, may be interested.

Quotidian Grace said...

Thanks for asking.

Tell your friend to go to:

This is the promotional site for the course, Watercolour Secrets which describes the course.

Once you buy the videos you can access everything online which I find more efficient than actually using the videos. Plus the videos ship from Great Britian and take a while to get to you but as soon as you order everything is available online.

I particularly enjoy the discussion forums on the paid site where people post their efforts and get comments. The group is very helpful and encouraging and it really keeps you inspired.

Mac said...

Lovely. You have surely captured the mountain, but I don't recall seeing any trees that nice on or near the mountain. I have a slide somewhere taken of Fuji at sunrise in which the mountain is capped in snow. Camp Fuji was at about 6,000 feet on the eastern side. Perhaps you were working from the opposite side.

The day my Company climbed the mountain, we had not been able to see the peak since our arrival. After climbing through the clouds at about 11,000 feet, we were in snow flurries. When the last company climbed it two days later, there was 18 inches of snow at 11,000 feet.

The Japanese have a saying: "There are two kinds of fool: he who has never climbed Mt. Fuji, and he who has climbed it more than once!"

Quotidian Grace said...

Thanks, Mac. The trees are purely imaginary--the course exercise had them in there for practice painting trees.