Friday, April 23, 2010

Last Day of BSD

Yesterday was the last day of our BSD study for 2009-2010 and we wrapped up with the last two chapters of Romans. I really loved this year's study and the amazing women who were members of my small discussion group and my leader group who inspired me weekly with their devotion to study and their faith.

On the last day of the study we traditionally invite people to speak about their experience with BSD that year. There were more than 200 women overflowing the church's chapel yesterday. (BSD also has coed study groups on weeknights and Sunday mornings that were not represented.)

This year one of the speakers was a woman who identified herself as a Messianic Jew who has involved with BSD for several years. She thanked the group for the welcome she had experienced and the interest shown in her Jewish heritage, saying that over the years she shared seders and other celebrations with group members. Then she exhorted us, in the words of the Apostle Paul, to "arouse my own people to envy" (Romans 11:14) of what we have in Christ by the example of how we live. This was the most memorable witness I have heard in the few years it has been my privilege to be a BSD group leader.

Afterwards at the Celebration Luncheon someone asked me how early I have to leave Sugar Land to get to the church on Thursdays and then asked me if I was coming back next year. But all I could say in reply was, "how could I not?"

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