Monday, May 24, 2010

24 and Session

Tonight offers a dual challenge: the finale of 24 and a session meeting. Of course I'm dvr'ing 24 and El Jefe has promised to wait and watch it with me . The question is whether to watch it when I get home or save it for tomorrow night. That will probably depend on how late the session meeting runs since the finale is 2 hours long.

Actually I was tinkering around with making some analogy between 24 and session meetings, but couldn't do it. 24 is fast-moving and decisive, but session meetings (and all things in PresbyPolityLand) are just the opposite most of the time.

So fellow 24 fans, what's your prediction? Will Chloe and Cole help Jack escape or fake his demise so he can save the republic another day in the upcoming move? Or will the movie be a prequel or flashback? What will happen to President Taylor? Will Nixon-clone ex-President Logan get his just deserts? Or the Russians? And where are those dirty bombs now, anyway?


Reformed Catholic said...

IMHO ... Jack will survive and go off to live with his daughter and grandchild.

Quotidian Grace said...

Close! Great prediction. Chloe rocks!!