Monday, May 10, 2010

Beatrice Blogs: Happy With a Real Dog's Life

Woof! Beatrice, your Canine Correspondent here.

QG left the front section of the Wall Street Journal on the floor this weekend and I got to reading this article about how American Parents Go to the Dogs After the Kids Leave.

Verrry interesting, I say. Portia and Babs are gone but I don't notice QG and El Jefe chauffeuring me and Olivia around to compete in dog sports, take agility classes, and make play dates with their friends' dogs. Sounds like a hectic life to me. Don't think we would like that. It might interrupt Olivia's power naps and the time I need to spend barking at the birds in the backyard.

~nudge from Olivia~

Okay, so Olivia reminds me that one time they took us to the new dog park in the neighborhood. No other dogs were there and I had fun running up and down a ramp. But Olivia didn't like it. She sniffed all around the perimeter and then whined to be picked up. She must have some Yankee genes in her somewhere 'cause she doesn't seem to like wide open spaces.

Olivia and I chewed up that article real good so QG wouldn't get any ideas. We're happy with a walk or two a day.

Yours for a Real Dog's Life,



Averill said...

I saw that article as well. And, while I do think you & dad treat Bea/Olivia like grandkid-substitutes, I'm thankful that you haven't taken it so far as to overschedule them. :)

Lydia said...
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Reformed Catholic said...

Gee Beatrice ... you've attracted a comment spammer!!

Sic 'em !!