Monday, August 02, 2010

Beatrice Blogs: Les Lapins 0, Moi 3


Olivia and I have banished the Suburban Rabbit Huntin' Blues Chez QG.

This weekend I bagged my third (count 'em!) rabbit and gave it up to El Jefe. I don't like eating rabbit--I much prefer pork--but it's all about the thrill of the hunt.

Olivia spotted a rabbit earlier this week in the front yard and dashed through the front gate after it. She's just getting started in the rabbit-hunting game, though, and lost her prey. Whilst the rabbit skittered across the street to safety she was still in the front flower beds howling and searching for it. I'm going to give her a lesson in following the scent later this afternoon. When QG isn't watching....

Meanwhile El Jefe put chicken wire on the front gate to keep Olivia from getting out onto the street. There's construction on both sides of the house right now and those big trucks are a real hazard to little dachsies.

Yours for a Rabbit Free Zone,

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