Friday, August 06, 2010

Friday Watercolors: Two Dogs, Two Still Lifes

Several weeks ago I did this painting of St. Betty's dog, Sweetie, from a photo her daughter Jane Long sent me. It's a present I'm giving her tonight at a dinner celebrating one of those Big-O Birthdays. I didn't want to post it before today because sometimes she reads the blog!

I had a darling photo of Olivia which made a nice portrait painting. Now I have to take a similar photo for Bea and do her portrait so she won't be jealous!

At the end of the week I was stuck in the house supervising the dogs because the construction fence between us and the home being built next door was coming down, so they couldn't go outside without supervision. That gave me some more time to paint so I tried these two still lifes of lemons and peppers.


Robin said...

Anyone could tell how much you love dogs!

Stushie said...

You'll be able to sell prints on ebay soon!...:)