Monday, August 16, 2010


We're going into our third week of temperatures hovering near 100. Chez QG, the lawn is starting to get some brown patches and some of the bedding plants are wilting in the heat where the sprinkler system doesn't quite reach completely.

But then, there's only so much the sprinkler system and hand-watering after sunset can do in the face of this kind of punishing heat and drought.

The geraniums bit the dust yesterday. I pulled them out and threw them away, leaving pots with potting soil on the patio. No point in trying to plant anything else, it will just wilt, too!

Hoping for rain soon,

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Robin said...

Hope it rains and cools down SOON!

All the grass here is turning brown. This isn't really a "sprinkling" culture, so it probably looks more like Texas than Texas does!

And a lot of people have started installing or thinking seriously about installing central air. What a rough summer!