Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Baby G's Doting Grandpas

Baby G is one very luckly little boy. 

This week Averill needs a bit of babysitting during the day so she can run a couple of errands with me. Since Baby G hasn't had his immunizations yet, we want to leave him at home.

So yesterday The Old Marine (now known as Honorary Grandpa Lee) did the honors while today it's El Jefe staying home from work (!) to do the same. Friday, Grandpa Lee will be back again.

We're all betting Grandpa Lee will be teaching him the Aggie War Hymn while Grandpa Jefe introduces him to the miracle of the Blackberry.

1 comment:

Robin said...

He is so lucky to have such fine men in his life and attentive to his needs from his very first days!

I trust that there's an app for all this.