Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Now QG is Six!

Quotidian Grace is 6 years old today!

Looking back over those 6 years, it's clear that a lot has changed in the blogging world. Blogs used to function much more as social networks than they do today, thanks to the popularity of Facebook and Twitter. 

QG is posted on my Facebook page and although I don't get nearly as many comments directly on the blog as I used to, I enjoy the comments  and "likes" from friends and family who don't read blogs directly from those Facebook postings.

Successful blogs, like Averill's Odi et Amo, tend to be topical. So I'm moving QG more in the direction of a book blog and even have set up a companion blog solely for that purpose. That's something I never anticipated 6 years ago!

I'm grateful for the blogging friends I've made through QG that I never would have known otherwise! Many thanks, Gentle Readers, for sticking with me.


Mac said...

Plus Granny time will increase in the coming days!

Jody too said...

Happy B day!