Friday, March 18, 2011

Pole Dancing For Jesus in Houston

Thanks to my friend zorra for alerting me to the latest Houston Religious Oddity: Pole Dancing for Jesus. Really. I am not making this up.

See for yourself:

The print story is here. According to the dance leader, it's for Jesus because it takes place on Sundays after church and women have to show a church bulletin to get into the class. Plus they dance to Christian music. And it helps get the "stigma" out.

Emergent church or oddity? You make the call.


ellbee said...

There's no church about that. Just a shrewd business move. Offer good Christian women a Christianized way to sample activity that is at least given the raised eyebrow in most circles...of course some will come.

Can you see the ad in the next week's bulletin? Let's support our local outlet for objectifying women by bringing church bulletins and pretending to be pole dancers for an afternoon!

LeahW said...

Yipes! I can't fathom doing anything wearing heels like that, much less a "workout."

Blogger said...
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