Monday, March 21, 2011

I HATE Spring Break

Really I do. 

Here's why. March is always a very busy time at El Jefe's law practice. Every year before spring break he sends out a memo to the attorneys in his section begging them not to take vacation time during spring break week unless they have children in school. Every year he is overworked and frustrated because someone he needs on a deal went out of town during spring break without letting him know in advance and now he can't find them. And of course that person doesn't have children in school.

When our girls were in school we went out of town on spring break exactly once. Why? Because El Jefe was too conscientious to leave his section short-handed.

As one of his partners remarked to me recently, " We were born at the wrong time. When we were young lawyers, the partners left the office at 3 pm for the golf course after telling us what needed to be done the rest of the day. Now that we are senior lawyers, the young lawyers leave the office at 3 pm for the golf course after telling us what needs to be done the rest of the day!"  

As God is my witness, we are leaving town during spring break 2012!!


Joan Calvin said...

Traveling during spring break is a hell of its own. I was flying on Friday and Saturday this week. Planes were full, people who don't fly often, security lanes really slow. Lots of crying babies. Give yourself a break, go some other time.

Quotidian Grace said...

I hear you, Joan. Maybe we'll drive!!!