Friday, April 08, 2005

Blogging while you wait

Last night confusion reigned Chez Nous, when we tried to leave the house to get some dinner (the kitchen still being under construction). Gretel, TND, was confused about where she was supposed to be so it took some time to corral her. Then as we left the garage door wouldn't close. After fooling with it for a few minutes, El Jefe declared it broken. So here I am awaiting the repairman instead of leaving the house for work and errands.

This gives me a chance to roam the blogosphere and check out some new-to-me sites.

Mark Roberts is writing a wonderful series on Handel's Messiah as an Easter oratorio (which it is, of course!) Don't miss it, because he also has links to some of the music. I must confess that as far as I am concerned Messiah is the definitive, ultimate sacred musical composition of all time. Not that I have an opinion!

Reverend Mother has embarked on a Bible Blogging project in which she invites fellow bloggers to make their own comments on their blogs and then post a link to their blogs on her comments section. The prompt for the comments will be from the weekly lectionary readings. This ought to be interesting, as a number of pastors indicated they wanted to participate.

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