Saturday, April 09, 2005

The sheep don't fit in the pasture

It's a nice problem to have, and it's too bad that more Presbyterian (or Mainstream Protestant) churches don't have it. Still it is a problem when your church facilities are not large enough to accomodate congregational gatherings.

We're facing this dilemma again tomorrow as our Deacons have their annual brunch. Although many Presbyterian churches no longer have a board of deacons (it's optional under the Book of Order), we have a very active one. The deacons are each assigned a number of families in the church to "shepherd" with oversight from our Associate Pastor. Deacons are included in the officer training for the session and have additional training in pastoral care before their ordination.

The annual brunch is an attempt to get these shepherds together with their flocks for some "face" time over breakfast tacos and kolaches (it is Texas, after all), donuts, fruit and beverages. We don't have Sunday School tomorrow so that all of our teachers may attend with their families.

It is a logistical nightmare for the Deacons to try to use the one large space we have that isn't nearly big enough for the crowd by trying to spread the food and some of the groups into adjacent hallways and classrooms. This brunch is not for the claustrophobic!

Lately, we find ourselves planning major church-wide events for days when we hope enough people will be out of town so that the room won't be overcrowded while knowing that something is wrong with that picture! Recently our session took steps to evaluate the future needs of the church and the need for a larger gathering area for the congregation was right at the top of the list. When the sheep no longer fit in the pasture, then the pasture needs to expand.

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John said...

Ah, to have such a problem in my church!