Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Brightening Up the Corner Where We Are

One of the reasons I decided to start blogging was to show that there are good things happening in at least one corner of the PCUSA, which is dogged nationally by declining membership and internal conflicts. So please pardon this post if it seems like bragging. I just want to share the good news about successes in the everyday ("quotidian") mission and life of our church as we try to "brighten up the corner where we are" and hopefully encourage other churches to do likewise.

The results are in and we are celebrating: the school's fundraising event netted $82K! One thousand tickets were sold for the quilt raffle, so that raised $4K alone.

We are so blessed to be concluding the school year with such good news. Not only did we get the accreditation, but registrations for the school increased enough that the school was able to propose a budget that included additional staff positions that are needed and still have a balanced budget.

Today in our staff meeting the Head of School read some of the comments from the visiting accreditation team. We are most proud of the compliments given for the positive relationship between the church and the school and the high level of parent support and involvment. So many church schools find themselves in adversarial relationships with church staff and congregations that we apparently really stood out in that regard.

As we went around the circle in the meeting, several of us recounted experiences of being in professional gatherings where we heard many "horror stories" about church/school conflicts that made us so grateful to be where we are. My father always used to observe that one of the keys to success and happiness in life was "to know when you are well off'". Most of the time the staff focuses on what fixing problems that arise every week. Today it was great to acknowledge that with the help of God we are making a difference in the lives of many children and families.

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will spotts said...

It's not bragging. It is good to share news of positive developments. (It is all too easy to focus solely on the problems.)