Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Babs' Job-Huntin' Blues

~cue harmonica riff~

You know I'm feelin' so lowdown, draggy and frustrated,
Job huntin's going nowhere an' sittin' round is overrated.
With a master's on the wall and a license in my hand
Still I got no one to counsel, and no job in this here land.

Got them don't no one need a counselor, a work-up or advice,
Because no one around you knows how to play real nice
Job huntin' blues

You know not even a new pair of shoes
Can chase away them down and dirty job huntin' blues.

* cue steel guitar*

Well you know I check job postings on the web three times a day
For the last three weeks nothing is there, so all that I can say
Is it's really like I'm stuck in place and no one needs my skills
Do ya think its because everyone would rather just use pills?

Got them can't find a way to network, I'm out here all alone--
Why or why won't some one try to call me on the phone
Job huntin' blues.

You know not even a new pair of shoes
Can chase away them down and dirty job-huntin' blues

*Harmonica riff*

So I'm gonna look and see if Human Resources might be for me
You'd think a company could use someone with a master's in psychology.
It's not what I really wanted, but what are you gonna do
When there's no jobs to apply for and your schoolin' is all through?

You know the world could use more folks like me
Who want to help others and engage in therapy.

But I've got those low down and dirty, frustrating, nowhere to turn job huntin' blues.
Oh yes I do.
Job huntin' blues.

*guitar and harmonica riffs*


Presbyterian Gal said...

*playin' soulful harmonica backup*

Becky Ardell Downs said...

Hey Babs, I'm with you sweetie. Specially at bill-payin' time. You'd think the degree, the experience, the references would count for something, wouldn't you? Going to drink another diet coke and mope.

Gannet Girl said...

Oh, Babs, good luck. I don't know how many times I've been through this. It's so discouraging to have worked so hard and get nowhere. Of course, there's always law school.

OK, maybe not funny in your family. I hope the exact perfect thing is just out there on the horizon.

Mary Beth said...

Awww! Bummer tunes.

Aha, I shall PRAY for the right thing to appear!

Jan said...

Crummy--and my son BJ is singing the same tune, without a master's but with a BA. . . .

Songbird said...

Babs, you have my sympathy. Hope something opens up soon.

Rev Dave said...

So, as a trained counselor with the blues, does Babs sit and talk to herself for 50 minutes and then bill herself for her time?

Hate that "theis diploma isn't worth the poweder and shot to blow it up" feeling.

In the immortal words of all liberal arts grads, "would you like fries with that?" (In my case it was "filler up?")

mompriest said...

I hear you, singing a tune I know...sigh...

No private practice or do you still need those hours of supervision to be fully licensed? (I don't know the law in Texas...)...A lot of family community centers (individual, group, family therapy) around here are flooded with people on waiting lists to see someone. I hope you find the right place for you soon! Prayers for you...

Anonymous said...

I'll join the choir...same situation here (except the degree is not in counseling and it's a PhD). Hope you find something soon!