Saturday, September 08, 2007

Total Momsense

I'm thinking that with a little tweaking of the lyrics, this would make a perfect theme song for my Mom of Congress campaign.

Waddaya think?

Thanks to Cathy Stevens for the tip.


Gannet Girl said...


What's great about this is that there is NO ONE -- no one who has ever been a mom or a child -- who wouldn't understand this. To the point AND funny. The perfect campaign message.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Brilliant. Just brilliant.

I predict you'll be voted in by a landslide!!!

(Can I sing back up?)

Jan said...

TA-DA~!!! Loved this--would go for all the women anyway! Still laughing. . . .

little david said...

Laughed till I cried!!! That's hysterical! Start memorizing because I think you could stun them with that song.