Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Beatrice Blogs: Olivia's No Good Very Bad Day

Woof! Beatrice here.

I noticed QG hasn't told you yet about Olivia's No Good Very Bad Day yet, so it's clearly my duty to fill you in. It's quite the saga.

Saturday morning Portia called from the vet's office, saying Olivia threw up several times in the night and they were trying to figure out what was wrong. Then she called again and said when the vet clinic closed at 2, she had to take her to an emergency vet clinic for more tests.

El Jefe and QG looked very worried, so I tried to distract them by bringing my ball for a nice game of catch. It took me a while to get their attention, but at last they co-operated and I think it helped.

Then Portia called again and said Olivia had to stay overnight and might have to go under the knife for something called a blockage. QG told El Jefe that the vet had to "ream her out." Don't even want to know what that means. Woof! Sounded bad.

But she came over the next afternoon and seemed fine to me. Guess she didn't need the knife after all and no one knows why she got sick. What a drama queen. Everyone made a big fuss over her but she didn't feel like playing as much as usual. Humph.

Portia wouldn't let her have any treats, though, so El Jefe had to sneak some to me when she wasn't watching.


Then this evening Portia called to say Olivia had a follow-up appointment with the vet who says she is back to normal now. I'm glad because she is supposed to have a sleep-over with me this weekend!


UPDATE from QG: Unfortunately Olivia threw up again early this morning and Portia is taking the day off to take her back to the vet. Hopefully she'll figure out what is wrong this time. Prayers appreciated.

AFTERNOON UPDATE: The diagnosis is that the antibiotic upset Olivia's stomach. The prescription is Pepcid with her meal. One for Olivia and two for Portia....She's doing well this afternoon. Thanks for the prayers!


zorra said...

((Portia and DK))
Prayers ascending.

Rev Kim said...

Praying here, too.

DogBlogger said...

Oh, dear. Prayers for poor Olivia and the rest of the family! I do hope they find a resolution soon.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Prayers for Olivia. How frustrating not to know what's wrong.

Mac said...

Prayers from here, too.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

That poor puppy and her mommy!

Rev Kim said...

Hope Olivia is doing better!

stinuksuk said...

Prayers are with both.
Hope they are doing better, doggie and Dog Mom.

Songbird said...

Poor little thing! Hope she feels better!!

Recovering Baptist said...

we had a similar situation with "boy wonder". It turned out he was wolfing his dry food and swallowing it whole resulting in indigestible clumps of it sitting in his stomach. Some days he seemed fine on others he would vomit. He now has a mix of dry and wet food with no problem.

Being a little girl though I'm sure Olivia is delicate with her food.

Hugs from Boy Wonder to Olivia.

Quotidian Grace said...

Dear RB--
Thanks for the tip about Wonder Boy. I'll pass that one on to Portia. I bet that is what Olivia is doing, too. She loves her groceries!