Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Ringing For Recovery

After taking a break from Hurricane Recovery Blogging yesterday in the interest of Home Maintenance, I'm back on it today.

You can help ring in recovery from Ike by buying and playing music written to raise money for Presbyterian Disaster Assistance or another local assistance organization. Sondra Tucker, Director of Music at ChristChurch Presbyterian, Bellaire, Texas sent the following information to Presbytery of New Covenant:
“I have written a piece of music for handbells that I am distributing to anyone who makes a $25 or larger contribution to PDA or another local area relief organization. The details are at Since so many of our congregations have handbell ensembles, I hope that you will consider forwarding this message in your next e-letter. I am proud to report that in the two days the piece has been posted, it has collected almost $1000 for disaster recovery from organizations across the country.”

Thanks, Sondra! What a great idea! Let Hurricane Recovery Ring throughout the land. If there is a handbell choir in your church, let the director know about this opportunity to help while making a joyful noise.

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St. Casserole said...

Great idea! Thanks, Sondra!