Monday, October 20, 2008

Bum Knee Haiku

Knee drags up the stair
Hands with death grip on handrail
Ouchy ouchy gritted teeth.

Surfing net for shoes
Not cute ones, supportive ones
Makes me very sad.

Can't stand it any more
Bum knee just got Euflexxa
Shot yesterday. Yeah!

Relief in two months
The doctor predicts for me
Lasts for many months.

Dodging knee surgery
Worth lots and lots of shots
Fire away good doctor.


Songbird said...

Oh, I am sorry! But try Barking Dog Shoes before you give up on teh cuteness, okay?

Presbyterian Gal said...

Is Euflexxa a corticosteroid? Those are painful. I hope your knee is better.

I hobble to the doctor this week myself for a shot in my always painful hip.

cheesehead said...

My wonky knee is bothering me these days, too. I usually just swear instead of busting out the haiku. :(

I echo what Songbird says about teh cute. Try Clarks and Sofft and Merrell--my three best new friends.

Quotidian Grace said...

Thanks for the tip on shoes, Songbird and Cheese. I'll check them out.

PG--it's not a steroid. It is supposed to replace the fluid that lubricates the knee which is missing.

jean said...

My knee is acting out too. It must be going around. So far I use a brace and a cane.v

DannyG said...

I blew out a knee in H.S. Football. Took up cycling because I couldn't run distances any more without it acting up. That really helped make the supporting muscles stronger. Talk with your doc about that or other PT exercises which are low impact.