Thursday, October 09, 2008

QG, the columnist

Truly, one never knows where blogging will lead you!

I've been asked by the denominational PresbyMagazine to write a "Best of the Blogs" column on a monthly basis. They offered me an official contract and remuneration and everything just like a real, professional writer! (Note to self: get El Jefe to review contract. Remember old law school adage--she who acts as her own lawyer has a fool for a client.)

Here's where I can use some help from my readers--both Presby and otherwise. This is a print magazine with a deadline that is two months in advance of its publication. That is an eternity in the blogosphere which moves at the speed of light.

I'm thinking that the columns can focus on different categories of blogs that might be interesting to the denominational readership instead of on specific posts that would be pretty dated by the time of publication. For example: pastor's blogs or staff blogs or blogs that focus on polity issues, or blogs that focus on different areas of ministry such as mission or youth. The column would emphasize PresbyBlogs, but would also include bloggers of other denominations. What do you think?

I'd love any suggestions for this venture. And yes, I'll be happy to give credit where credit is due!


Mary M said...

Two I read on a regular basis - A church for Starving Artists (Jan Edmiston) and Tribal Church (Carol Howard Merritt). both are written from the DC area and both speak eloquently of the church and change.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Categories will end up frustrating you as you run into more eclectic blogs.

I'd do two a month: One a Presbyterian blog (pastor, elder or pew-warmer) - either whole blog or compelling posts from one; Then I'd add a short note on a non-Presbyterian Christian blog of interest. Never hurts to challenge the folds of the envelope, yes?

And maybe the first column should highlight Bruce Reyes-Chow's blog.

DannyG said...

Great opportunity. Perhaps another spin on categories: Topic areas. Perhaps you can review how various bloggers (and different denominations) deal with various topics: Grief, ill health, etc. etc. This would be a way of working individual posts into a general framework. It would also be a way of introducing several different blogs to your readers in one column. Let us know when the first issue hits the streets...I can walk accross the street and hit First Pres.'s library to check it out.

Quotidian Grace said...

All these are good suggestions! Thank you. Keep 'em coming.

I am planning to do an intro to blogs for the first column, since the editors told me that their readership is mostly retired and probably unfamiliar with blogs. In fact one of the editors I talked to has never read a blog!

I'd give a brief history of blogging and describe how it is done, the parts of the blog (like the post and sidebars)and the comments --including how to comment. Reading and responding to the comments is so important.

What do you think?

dannyg, the mag is also online. I'll let you know if the online version includes this column.

zorra said...

This is so cool!

Reformed Catholic said...

Don't forget the blogs of the pastor's spouse. There are a few, not all PCUSA, but the problems of a pastor cross all denominational boundries.

Anonymous said...

Search The Sea for her literate, well-crafted essays on grief--even though she now on what I hope is a temporary hiatus.

ElastiGirl said...

that two-month window is huge in the blog world? is that re-negotiable? How about addressing a certain topic & then referring them to the online mag for current links - that could bridge the gap.

i like your idea about explaining blogs & parts to those who would otherwise get lost - or overwhelmed.

firstbuilders said...
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Stushie said...

Congratulations, Jody. I offered that idea to them about a year ago, but was rejected. I'm glad that they're beginning to take presbyterian bloggers seriously.

You go girl!

Quotidian Grace said...

Stushie, thank you so much for that word of encouragement!

I plan to highlight the Presbyterian bloggers webring in the first article. Anytime you have a suggestion for the column, please let me know.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of different categories. There will be lots of pastors (like me) with blogs, but it would be terrific to find out about the blogs of others- or those that target certain areas. Blogs from Gentiles (non-Presbyterians) would be terrific as another category.