Monday, October 13, 2008

Lakewood Updates

The Defender called in last night with an Osteen report from the Texan-Dolphins game.

Yesterday morning she spotted a big mobile home with a huge TV screen in the tailgating area of the parking lot. Gathered around the screen was a party-hearty gang, beers and other adult beverages in hand, watching Joel Osteen preach in HD.

"Did they think watching Joel on TV while partying at the game counted as going to church?" she asked.

In other Lakewood-related news (just in time for Christmas!) Lakewood Church co-pastor Victoria Osteen has written a book, too. The Houston Chronicle reported this yesterday under the headline "Victoria's Secret--God Thinks You're Special".



Gannet Girl said...

You know, I am SO grateful for anything at all that gives me a little chuckle these days. I wish we could have Osteen sightings here.

I want to know if the admittedly beautiful Mrs. Osteen is going to sponsor her own line at Victoria's Secret soon.

Quotidian Grace said...

I'm so happy this brought you a chuckle. That makes my day!

Mary Beth said...

HAHAHAHA that cracks me up. "Only in Texas."


cheesehead said...

Oh my sweet lord.

As MB would say: watch my eyes roll so far they fall outta my head.

Reformed Catholic said...

Well the Osteen's don't have the only weird thing going on in the Houston area.

There's a Catholic Church in the Galveston-Houston diocese with the sign shown in this link:

Presbyterian Gal said...

I can see the line now in upcoming adverts:

Victoria's Secret presents:

Prayer Panties!
The Burning Bra!
Liturgical Lingerie!
Sinless Stockings!
God's Garters!

The marketing schemes are endless!

cheesehead said...

Hee hee! PG you are too clever by half!

Recovering Baptist said...

Given the level of IQ generally in some christian circles the book might sell well. That is as long as it isn't priced with the same ratio as the famous undies... the cost per sq-inch is outrageous.

Sue said...

Oh. My. Goodness.

Rolling my eyes here too. Sadly recovering baptist is probably right - it will sell.

Le sigh.