Sunday, October 05, 2008

Checking In


El Jefe and I had a lovely weekend in New Haven, attending the football game between his beloved Yale bulldogs and the Holy Cross Crusaders. (I'm frankly astounded that their mascot hasn't been changed by the Political Correctness Police. But Whatever.) The bulldogs won. Woo-hoo!

Between unbloggable doin's and Adventures In Home Ownership, I may not be around for a couple of days. We'll see.

Talk amongst yourselves.

I'll give you a topic: " If a sub-prime mortgage and a liar loan mate, should the Congress that set up the blind date be held responsible for it?"


ElastiGirl said...

Hola! catching up - you are great arm candy!! winced at the home repair stuff - this week we replaced an a/c that cost more than my first car...
will pass on the bell choir piece to the choirmaster who is just beginning a bell choir - i think this is their third week to practice.
about the topic question - i have not been following as closely as i should be since i'm juggling so much right now - i'll keep checking in to read more learned and thoughtful responses. i was tempted to send our financial planner a bottle of wine last week - i knew it had to be tough for her this last month or so

Presbyterian Gal said...

Topic answer:
Only if they procreate.