Thursday, March 19, 2009

Beatrice Blogs: Tips for Free Play

Woof! Beatrice here.

This is for all my CyberCanine Friends--make your people leave the room so they won't know what you're reading.

Are they gone yet? Good.

Do you have a favorite toy that you OBSESS over as in you must play with it 24/7 and insist your people join in the fun? Me, too. I love me a small ball. But this week Portia and Olivia stayed with us because DK was on a business trip. My mom wasn't happy that I was ignoring Olivia to play with my ball. So she put it away where she thought I couldn't get it.

Never underestimate Beatrice the Bold! I saw her put it in the drawer next to her bathroom sink. So when she wasn't looking I jumped on a chair and then onto the counter above the drawer. Using my magnificent dachsie nose, I pushed the drawer open and retrieved the ball!

If you don't have such a nose, perhaps you can open the drawer by pushing your paws against the knob.

Yours for free play,



Gannet Girl said...

You would make a good Montessori dog, Beatrice.

Your friend,

Rev Kim said...

Dear Beatrice the Bold,

Thanks for that tip! Boxers don't have long dachsie noses. Ours look kinda smashed in. But we are good with "boxing" with our paws, so the next time they take my favorite braided pull-toy away because I'm shredding it I will be sure to use my paws to box the drawer open.

Your friend,

Redford the Boxer

Presbyterian Gal said...

Dear Beatrice,

We hereby dub you an honorary Cat Burglar!!!

You are awesome.

Cally the Main Cat and
Lucy the Best Cat4

zorra said...

You are so smart!!
Now let me figure out how to open the pantry and get to all of the BISCUITS. When you're my age, that's more important than toys.


Rev Dave said...

Oh, and let me give the secret for getting the batteries out of the remote sometime.