Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Faith Comes By Hearing--First Update

I've been listening to the New Testament on my Faith Comes by Hearing MP3 recording (see previous post for background on this project) for the past 10 days, so it's time for an update. I've listened to Matthew and Mark so far.

I do like listening to audio books and podcasts. I've found the production values of this recording to be good. The background music is not obtrusive or distracting. The voices are pleasant, but sometimes I find the delivery kind of hammy. The voice of the devil really gets your attention!

As a veteran of the Bible in 90 Days program, I'm more accustomed to reading the Bible straight through than listening to it read aloud. Of course the early Christians would have listened to the New Testament rather than read it for themselves. So it is instructive to have this experience.

One impression I have so far is that the "apocalyptic" bits in Matthew and Mark seem longer in listening than in reading. Also the contrast in style between these two Gospel authors jumped out at me--especially the frequent reference by Matthew to OT prophesy and the frequent use of the adjective "immediately" in Mark. Mark can wear you out! The overlap between these two Gospels also became more apparent to me in listening as opposed to reading.

I've been listening to the recording while driving, with the use of my IPhone IPod. One problem with this is that I haven't figured out how to "bookmark" my place in the recording when I close that application in order to use another one. My solution is to keep listening until the end of a chapter so I can more easily remember where I was.


Gannet Girl said...

I know what you mean about Mark - I always think of it as the speed gospel.

Really interesting reflections on what it's like to listen instead of read. And I'm totally impressed by your ability to concentrate -- whenever I try to listen to a book on tape I get into an interior conversation about it and next thing you know -- it's moved on several chapters and I have no idea what I've missed!

John Edward Harris said...

A church I served several years ago participated in this program. I was very impressed with it. Back in those days there was no MP# so all the recordings were on cassette. I litened to the NRSV version and really like the sound effects, i.e. hearing the waves of lake Galilee lap as Jesus walks by the sea. I also really like Revelation with its singing. Paul, on the other hand was another story. Even a James Earl Jones probably could not make Paul's long prose enjoyable.

I heartily endorse this program and am glad your Church is using it and that you are giving it some attention in your blog.

Also, thanks for the most recent (second) article in Presbyterians Today.

Audio Bible said...

Dear Quotidian Grace,
Thank you for listening to the audio Bible and giving your honest feedback. All of us here at Faith Comes By Hearing are thankful for your church's participation in the You've Got The Time program and pray that God blesses as everyone continues to listen.
'til all have heard,
Jon D. Wilke for Faith Comes By Hearing